Iā€™m a product designer who codes and loves building stuff, based in Bay Area.
For the past 8 years, I shaped visions and shipped products. I enjoy collaborating with people from different backgrounds, validating problems, testing ideas, defining the business model through design, and iterating on features to turn concepts into products that people love.

While all product designers love product, what matters to me is people - the people I build for and the people I build with.ā¤ļø

Thanks to COVID, my H1B journey hit a bump, resulting in a visa loss and job change. Yet, this unexpected twist became a crash course in handling seismic shifts. I've honed my skills: lightning-quick goal-setting, cost assessment, rapid decision-making, and precise execution. Now, I'm embracing these abilities on my GoDaddy adventure! šŸš€šŸ˜„
Lead Product Designer

GoDaddy | Aug 2021 - Present | Santa Clara, CA/Remote

Lead Product Designer

Rejection Therapy | December 2019 ā€“ December 2020 | Sunnyvale, CA

Lead Designer and Manager

Palmdrive | April 2016 ā€“ October 2019 | Sunnyvale, CA/Shanghai, China

Founding Designer

Smart Traveller | January 2015 - April 2016 | New York, NY/ Bay Area, CA