Hey, I’m Yun.
A product designer and mentor.

Over the past 9 years, I've been on a mission to blend design, engineering and business magic, shipping products that empower users to pursue what sets their hearts on fire! 🔥❤️

Looking for more?

I am obsessed with all kinds of questions. To find an answer is my way to learn. This mindset connects me with my people on the furture products and the ongoing ones below-

How to teach kids to help manage household🏠? 👉 Fruito | 📱 iOS App - an universal fruit management tool for everyone.

What’s the best ramen🍜 in the world? 👉 UpLevo | 📱 iOS & Android Apps - a collaborative way to create tasty food.

What does a marketing website that converts💸 look like? 👉 Palmdrive.cn | 💻 Desktop & Mobile - an online education service website redesign.

What about me living as a designer🧸? 👉 Marketing, branding, toy design.