Marketing Design, Branding and more

2013 - present
Sole Designer
Aside from designing for user interfaces, I also enjoy crafting brand identities, logos, illustrations and design you name it. Here are a collection of design projects I love and did at work and in my spare time.
UpLevo Marketing Websites
DareMe Marketing Websites
I launched and maintain marketing website on Squarespace since 2018 with an average 7.5% conversion rate.
Reading and note taking experience: Traditional vs Digital
Graphic design collections for Palmdrive

Clean and minimal design are applied to build up-scale branding. The following are solely designed on my own.

Material Design for New Year Event,
full case study
Palmdrive hiring Roll Up
Palmdrive Undergraduate Brochure
Thank You card for mid-autumn festival

The Thank You Card was exclusively customized for our partners, coming with the pre-ordered mooncakes. Gold foil and carving are designed to match the mooncakes packages.

UpLevo Logo
UpLevo started as a field study service to help brands connect with their actual customers. As the founding designer, I knew exactly what we wanted for this logo, and it only took me 20 minutes to finish the draft.
UpLevo logo display
Walnut English Logo and Visual Identity System
Walnut English is a fast growing startup incubated by Palmdrive, focusing on English online tutoring. After launching the VIS, the Walnut English’s followers has bumped up 20,000 on WeChat in 3 months. Please contact me for VIS.
Walnut English logo display
Palmdrive Go Logo
Palmdrive Go is a startup incubated by Palmdrive. Its goal is to build a mentor community. I had a good time playing with Bilingual Lettering on the logo design.
Responsive logo
Class Reunion T-shirt
The t-shirt was for my father’s class reunion 30 years after graduation from Beihang University, I am glad I could participate in my father’s youth in this way.
People’s names compose the number 30 with the motto of Beihang University below.
Link Time
Link Time lets two strangers interact with each other despite time and location through the maze. The first person customizes the puzzle through adding/removing pieces and set game rules. The second person use the joystick to control the panel to solve it.

I gave the maze to a friend as a gift. While enjoy creating, I also enjoy sharing which doubles the happiness:)