Pebble is a web tool to help students schedule, track, and take online courses. It started with tracking courses for over 4000 students in the past 3 years and with aiming at serving 20 times more, we adopted the course scheduling system for this version and online course taking as the next.
I was the sole designer and manager of this project. Although I wasn't able to see the whole project launched since the business strategy had been shifted, the whole design delivered a clear product vision for the mentor-mentee market.




Yun Zhou

Tianshu Z., Yujun W., Huajie W., Xiao Z.

Product Management:
Yun Zhou

Scalability becomes the bottle neck
Palmdrive’s business model started with connecting mentors with students. To serve over 8000 mentors and students in 2018, we need 20x of our exiting counselors to coordinate. Therefore, our online education system needs to take more responsibility.
02_research & validation
Understand the users
To validate the flow, I -
• Interviewed 2 coordinators to understand their work process
• Interviewed 4 mentors to understand their complains
• 772 Questionnaire to understand students’ expectation about education agency
• Collaborated with 1 student I mentored to do wireframes about the tool he had on mind

I found-
• The new flow can cover the user cases the coordinators used to have
• 100% mentors mentioned it was great if they didn’t need use their personal contact information
• 73% students find to schedule a course by themselves beyond acceptable
How far we can push the students & what's the cost
We came up with a conceptual flow -
• Half DIY concept
• Tools to help students learn how to plan their courses
• Rating system

Tools that covers -
• Schedule a course
• Take a course
• Review a course
Accessible as possible
Since we collaborate with our mentors to serve the students, it makes more sense that the mentors take the initial steps.

Although all of the interviewees found the searching feature useful, more than half of them said they would copy the notes to their own note apps then do searching. So we pushed back the searching part, and started building with the scheduling for this launch.

Visualize the vision
With several rounds of iteration, we successfully came up with a new, fresh and friendly UI for our students.
Hold my hands, let’s dream
We shipped partially in Feb 2019 for new users and tried to integrate by the end of 2019.
To give our product team some idea of where we are going toward, I came up with our online course platform prototype. The future of this platform that I see is about letting the superstar mentors shine for everyone everywhere.

It's not something mandatory, I just really enjoy giving some sweet dreams as a temporary period :)