UpLevo - a collaborative way to create tasty food

Founding Designer
UpLevo is a field study service aiming at connecting brands with their actual customers. We collected target customers' feedback about tasting, packaging etc via app for food startups, then provided consulting service and continuing field study.

As the founding designer, I worked with sensory analysts, food startups and target users to come up with iOS and Android apps for users, and a web-based portal for food companies with visual analytics and suggestions from sensory analysts.

Key screens from Uplevo, including onboarding, homescreen, event page and survey pages.

Hifi design I created for design review. I started my design by exploring what’s the best way for users to answer questions on mobile devices. With team level discussion and testing, we started with option 1. Later I designed the core experience - survey-taking experience for 7 different types of questions we would support, then adopted video recording. After testing the core experience with users, I finished the design with homepage and sign-up/log-in experience.

Mockups I created with sensory analysts. It’s a dream coming true for me to learn how to measure food and use design to translate food science to be understood by normal people. We want food design to be like product design, driven by data and refined by iterations.

UpLevo logo that I created to shape our vision. This is the first version and we love it.

Marketing website that I created to promote our product. At that time, we were aiming to increase the user base for our beta product.